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I'm Elisa Sterling-Cowan

I’m an educator, writer and author, and health and wellness advocate and coach. I enjoy growing in my journey to my next best level mentally, spiritually, and physically while helping others to experience a life they love. 

I love the journey of mastery. I love the feeling I get from considering the process of excellence and enjoying its reward. 

I hold to the dream of seeing the faithful and abundant promise of God fulfilled in my life. And I know it's big and beautiful, because I can see a wonderful glimpse of it. And the more I have stepped into that vision for MY life and lived it... I realized how beautiful the lives of those around me must also have the potential to be.

I didn't always have the success I feel and enjoy in my life now. And to be clear, it's MY success. It's personal to me and doesn't necessarily look like how our society would try and define success. 

My life has been filled with many health challenges, failed business ideas, multiple jobs, unhappy family relations, dramatic breakups, no money, struggling art student, bullying, discrimination and harassment, multiple near-death experiences and multiple pregnancy loss, and even weighing in at 250 lbs at the end of a complicated pregnancy.

But in hindsight, after many late night sessions going to work with my dad and listening to him share about the process of his craft in detail (he's a master interior decorator) and seeing how much he LOVED enjoying both the process and the excellence of a job well done, that I would revel in the same in EVERYTHING!!

I should have known that the adventurous, stocky, little girl in afro puffs that got harassed on the playground and singled out...that chose to enjoy the company of nature sitting in a field and sharing her snack with seagulls or rescuing earthworms from puddles... that the little girl who readied in her mind that she would not feel embarrassed if someone pulled down her pants while she was being bullied and laughed at... the "tomboy" that played video games, road a BMX bike with her guy friends, and was often found on the soccer field... that the spry little girl falling from the top of a 20 ft tree to only get the wind knocked out of her would get back up again, and again...and AGAIN! Dusting herself off as quickly as possible so she could get back to enjoy the adventurous journey called life that she keeps getting to survive and live life in...

Gets to share the celebration of waking up ALIVE in each new day and help guide others into their OWN personal mastery and enjoyment, confident in knowing, that if you are here reading and breathing, then there IS a greater experience to your life that you are living in and get to enjoy...TODAY!

So if you find yourself believing that your presence and essence in this world aren't worth more...

You...Are...in the Right Place!!

Because it's about d*** time that you DO believe in your value and worth!

And yes, the process of claiming your fullest life as well as your inner peace is "work", but more so in releasing what you've been taught and then learning HOW to know, for yourself, the fullness and success that your OWN life has to offer!

Get ready to step into a new level with greater understanding and more fulfillment as you learn about who you are and what you're really worth!

Let's Reclaim Your Personal Mastery

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